All about Corsica


Welcome to the beauty island
Corsica seaside
Corsica seaside
Let's organize a trip to Corsica, this so lovely island situated in the Mediteranean sea. You will discover a dreamy environment, wild and natural. The island is a real moutain in the sea which offers wonderful landscapes.

People who don't know Corsica are often surprised to see these incredible settings. This so tiny island is much more than everything we can ever imagine. No one can really imagine how Corsica is beautiful and original before coming here. More than a simple landscape, Corsica is an atmosphere.

You will be fascinated by the culture and tradition of the island. You will love to move from seaside to the wild mountains. You will fall in love with the gastronomy, the language, the peole.

Take your time in Corsica ... and enjoy your holidays in the beauty island.

Going to South Corsica
All about Corsica
Have you ever been to South Corsica? Probably the most paradisiac part of the island, South Corsica should not be missed.
Long beaches, white sand and crystal clear water are the best words to describe South Corsica settings.

You may drive from beach to beach to discover how gorgeous the landscapes are. Beaches and coves seem to have been tailored-made: each gain of sand, each rock are perfectly married to the environment. You can only imagine how time and history have worked to create these incredible places.

Moreover, you will discover a protected island, meaning that no building have been allowed to set up here.

Visit North Corsica
North Corsica
North Corsica
North Corsica is also an amazing place, where traditions are as strong as the people accent. You will be transported in another world, rare and beautiful.

You will love the quaint villages of North Corsica, especially in the famous Cap Corse.

From Calvi to Bastia, or from Centuri to Corte, the landscapes and environment are different. Corsica is one of the  rare destinations where you will find so many landscapes and colours in a same place : the sea sometimes navy blue, sometimes turquoise blue; the rocks once white, once red; the moutain and the green forest, or even desertic places such as the Agriates desert etc.

Enjoy your time in gorgeous North Corsica !